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Project: Quote to Cash Web App

Role: User Experience & User Interface Designer

While at ReachLocal I worked closely with the development and product team to design the UI and UX for a responsive daily use web application to take the sales team from “Quote to Cash”. In addition to design, I provided complex wireframes, mock ups and user flows.

Responsibilities included:

  • Designing responsive websites, web and mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Conducted user research and usability testing
  • Worked directly with developers and being involved from concept through to product launch
  • Demonstrated strong skills in Axure, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator
  • Demonstrated an understanding of Javascript, HTML/CSS, Angular

Project Summary

When I joined the Reach Local “Quote to Cash” team I was given a few templates from my predecessor.
Within a day or two of review it was decided we would start fresh. As I was presented with a general overview for the current sales flow the picture started to come into focus. My task would be to combine 4-5 predicated web tools, a series of paper work, and a few phone transactions into a single web based application that worked on mobile first.

Goal: The mantra of the team, based on the current time to place an order, was “10 days to 10 minutes”.

I am proud to say we were successful at our task.

The Process

  • Outline tool for Reach Local’s sales force.
  • Wireframe the mobile experience.
  • Adapt the mobile wireframes for tablet & desktop.
  • Apply existing brand styles where applicable..
  • Review & test with existing sales force.
  • Revise & simplify where applicable.

Defined Persona's


Digital Marketing Consultant


Marketing Expert


Internet Marketing Consultant


Campaign Consultant


Sales Executive


Account Executive

User Flows

This was our team meeting room. Each flow was iterated on this wall using task oriented wireframes.

Mobile - Wireframes

Mobile - Views

Desktop - Views

A few redlines

Tools Utilized


Adobe Indesign


Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Experience Designer


Adobe Photoshop






Invision App



Sreeharsha Ukkadam

Director Product Management

Liam is highly proficient and creative at solving visual design and user experience problems. He identifies problems, addresses root causes, and develops resourceful solutions. Liam makes effective use of time management tools, is excellent at prioritizing tasks and works to tight deadlines.

Liam shows exceptional teamwork and drives others to exceed goals. He works within and between teams knowledgeably and capably; he manages the team process with great skill.


Ian Mercer

Director, Tracking Technologies at ReachLocal

Liam came highly recommended and did not disappoint. An absolute pleasure to work with, Liam takes direction and returns evolution – his focus and ability to strip away the superfluous detail, while asking intelligent and articulate questions, ensured my entire team was comfortable with his input. Inspiring direction rather than demanding it, Liam was a great compliment to my Product vision and added considerable value to UI, UX and process development.

Liam’s ability to rapidly comprehend the value and essential function of our projects, his rapid iteration and consummate flexibility to support our Agile methodology ensured that his area of responsibility was never a bottleneck – I consistently found him able to provide answers to my questions as I raised them, having reached similar conclusions before me.

Very highly recommended, and I absolutely look forward to working with him in the future.


Ashlie Kim

Vice President, Business Systems

Liam is an outstanding UX/UI designer. I was most impressed with how quickly and deeply he understood the business rules that governed his project and translated the requirements into a great experience.


Nikki Reyes

Sr. Product Manager, Sales & Order Systems at ReachLocal

Liam is an exceptional UX designer who always designs with a user first mindset. I was thoroughly impressed with how quickly Liam understood our business and problems we were trying to solve and turned that into app with a simple and intuitive user experience. I appreciated how Liam could look past any system limitations and what we do today to push us to create a user experience that wows.