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Project: Pricing Work Bench Application

Role: Senior User Experience & Visual Design

While at Cisco I was part of a team where I solved some very complex design challenges using interaction design, information design and visual design, informed by user research. Responsibilities included

• Crafting beautiful designs to delight, inspire and engage users.

• Making intelligent use of typography, color, layout, space and texture to help users navigate, consume and interact with users.

• Re-defining the design language system for the PWB application

• Incorporation of the most up to date design methodologies and tools

• Displaying excellent story telling with good communication skills

• Creation of interactive prototyping (Invision, Sketch, Adobe Indesign)

• Working with enterprise applications

Project Summary

When I joined the Pricing Work Bench team at Cisco Capital there were 2 months remaining on the redesign project and the clock was ticking. The existing PWB software was 10+ years old and in desperate need of a reboot. I did a full regression of the existing software and the project leaders caught me up on a rough mockup that had been created a year before of a “PWB-nice to have”.

At that point I took the existing screens, the mockup, a rough series of touch points, general user personas, and began creating detailed wireframes. Daily, I worked with the project manager Rahul Maggon, the developers, and the relevant stake holders to guarantee that I would be able to meet the deadline with detailed renderings and redlines that encompassed the desired interactions.

The Goals

  • Create a “daily driver” intuitive web app
  • Initial designs in week 1 & final by week 8
  • Create a mobile experience for Controllers
  • Create redlines for dev
  • Oversee initial design execution

Defined Persona's




Field Sales Manager

Available Resources


Nice-to-have Mockup


Touch Points

Desktop - Views

Mobile - Views

A few redlines

Tools Utilized


Adobe Indesign


Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Experience Designer


Adobe Photoshop






Invision App



Rahul Maggon

Technical Program Manager

Liam is a hard working, dedicated and committed professional with cutting edge expertise in the field of UX Architecture / Design. His work as a designer provided clear, actionable, and thought-provoking work for the team.  In a very short period of time Liam had huge impact on our design.  I would highly recommend working with Liam.


Bob Howard

Director, UX Practice at Tata Consultancy Services

I recently found myself in a typical consulting corner. I had a UX / Visual Designer lined up to create a full design for a design concept I had previously done for a big client. This was a very complex financial app, targeted at both web and mobile. When that designer became suddenly unavailable, I went the contractor route and hired Liam.

Liam came up to speed in record time, performed insightful analysis and delivered innovative, esthetically pleasing interaction designs and data visualizations that delighted my client and the app’s users. He forged strong working relationships with both stakeholders and developers and developed consensus among often fractious groups.

In short, I can’t recommend Liam enough and very much look forward to working with him again in the near future.